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Mariachi Singers

Looking for local Mariachi Bands with Mariachi singers? Look no further than Mariachi Aguila DC of Woodbridge, VA. We are a local Mariachi band that consists of a band and authentic Mariachi singers. We bring the music of our homeland Mexico to every event. The music is beautiful and lively and makes you want to dance. We bring fun and laughter to every event. Every one of our members loves doing what they do. They love to see people smile and laugh and dance to our music. We play just about any type of music, including Cuban, South American, Tango, Salsa and music from Brazil. We have played at many different types of events including weddings, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions and many more. We have played all around the state, including Fairfax, Washington, DC and their surrounding communities. When you want the best music at your event, hire the best.

Nothing is more beautiful than Mariachi singers singing along to the music of local Mariachi Bands. The beauty of the costumes along with the lively rhythm of the music is just what any event needs. We are right in your area and available for any type of event you are planning. We welcome the opportunity to share our music with you. We enjoy being role models and hope that the next generation will have the same desire to play authentic Mariachi music as we do. Now that spring is here, summer is right around the corner. That’s the perfect time for a picnic or any type of outdoor event. Why not make it even better by hiring a Mariachi band? Give us a call anytime to discuss the details of your special event. We can even give you a quote if you need one. When you want music that will create long-lasting memories, call us.

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